Rabindranath (right) singing with Abanindranath Tagore. Image credit: Ministry of Culture, Government of India

Tagore Songs: The Inner Spring and Outer Sources by Swapan Gupta

In the songs that Rabindranath Tagore composed, he assimilated many different classical ragas of India as well as melodies of the folk music of Bengal. He had a strong interest in Scottish, Irish and English popular songs, which he internalised and presented with unique Indian cultural inputs and personal feelings. His creations bear the stamp of his individuality while  retaining an affinity with the Western origin at the same time.  Read more

Tabla drums

Place of Music in his Life

Music was an important part of Rabindranath’s education. The family music teacher, Vishnu Chakraborty, taught youngsters the common Bengali folk songs. He has described how he loved them: Read more