Tagore and Burns

The Golden Thread of Poetry: Robert Burns and Rabindranath Tagore by Prof Bashabi Fraser

Robert Burns and Rabindranath Tagore, are national bards of their respective nations, Scotland and India, respectively. It is true that they lived on two different continents, separated by time and space, yet there are links between them that this talk focuses on to show how modern they were, implying the progressive and inclusive nature of their outlook and approach, which accounts for their relevance today. Read more

Tagore And The Environment: Prof Bashabi Fraser at COP26

Professor Bashabi Fraser gives a presentation at COP26 talking about Rabindranath Tagore’s vision and work, and how the environment played a central and integrated role in his philosophy.  This talk was given on the 30th of September 2021 at the United Nations Climate Change conference in 2021. Read more

Visual Art and Cultural Revival: Sister Nivedita, Patrick Geddes, and the Tagores by Murdo Macdonald

Taking visual art as his guiding theme Murdo Macdonald explores the network of interdisciplinary thinkers that included Sister Nivedita, Patrick Geddes and Rabindranath Tagore. Attention is also given to the contribution of Rabindranath’s nephew Abanindranath, the leader of the Bengal school of painting. The analogies between Geddes’s advocacy of cultural revival in Scotland and Tagore’s advocacy of cultural revival in Bengal are also noted, as is the contribution of Ananda Coomaraswamy.  Read more

Patrick Geddes’s Intellectual Origins

Murdo Macdonald writes about his book Patrick Geddes’s Intellectual Origins (Edinburgh University Press, 2020)

I have been exploring Patrick Geddes’s work in a serious way since 1992 when I edited a Geddes edition of Edinburgh Review. The idea of writing a book grew over the years but the real issue was finding the right focus. Geddes is a wonderfully complex thinker who achieved a great deal in areas as diverse as botany, geography, ecology, sociology, urban planning and cultural activism. Read more

Bankura University

Fighting the Virus: Bankura University

While the Second Wave of COVID 19 virus began its devastation all over India, the small town Bankura peripherally located in the district of West Bengal did not go unharmed. In 2020 Bankura was almost untouched because there hadn’t been much scope for migration of people from different states and the imposition of strict administrative regulation in terms of social distancing proved to be helpful. Read more