Prof Bashabi Fraser visits Visva-Bharati University

In order to start the UKIERI Project effectively, Prof Bashabi Fraser, the Principal Investigator at Edinburgh Napier University, visited Visva-Bharati in July 2014 and had research planning meetings with Prof Tapati Mukherjee, the Principal Investigator from Visva-Bharati, Prof Amrit Sen and two PhD scholars who are on the UKIERI project team.

Prof Bashabi Fraser
Prof Bashabi Fraser

The project members drew up a timeline for the Knowledge Exchange programme, identifying dates and time periods when scholars from one institution could visit the other to conduct research, identify and collect material and collaborate on interpreting and publishing research papers on the project theme.

During her stay at Visva-Bharati, Prof Fraser looked at archival material and publications at Rabindra Bhavana. Prof Fraser also identified archival photographs which would be used to develop and enrich the website for the comprehensive website of the Scottish Centre of Tagore Studies (ScoTs) which is proposed as the international interface which will document the progress and findings of the UKIERI project.

Prof Fraser brought back a wealth of research material from Rabindra Bhavana, which has since been utilised for research publications and presentations. Prof Fraser also brought back valuable images on a CD for the ScoTs website.