Rathindranath Tagore

Rathindranath Tagore (1888-1961); son of Rabindranath

Rathindranath was  born on 27 November 1888. He was Rabindranath’s oldest son (second child) and one of his first students at Shantiniketan. He was an agriculturist, carpenter, architect, writer, painter, teacher of genetics at Visva-Bharati and its first vice-chancellor after it became Central University. Read more

Rabindranath Tagore and Mrinalini Devi with their first child Bela, 1886. Image credit: Ministry of Culture, Government of India

Madhurilata (Bela), 1886-1918, daughter of Rabindranath

On 25 October 1886, Rabindranath’s first child Madhurilata, called Bela, was born in Kolkata. Kripalani  says that she was beautiful and his “most dearly loved daughter.”[1] Tagore said about her: “my eldest daughter Bela… was exceptionally beautiful in body and mind.”[2] Read more

Mrinalini Devi

Mrinalini Devi (Raichoudhuri), 1872-1902; Rabindranath’s wife

Mrinalini Devi was Rabindranath’s wife and mother to their five children. Mrinalini Devi was originally called Bhabatarini. She was born in 1872 at Fultala in Jessore (in present day Bangladesh). Debendranath Tagore knew her father Benimadhab Raichoudhuri, who worked as a clerk in his estate. Read more

Kadambari Tagore

Kadambari Devi (1859-1884); Rabindranath’s sister-in-law

Kadambari Devi was Rabindranath’s sister-in-law (his older brother Jyotirindranath’s wife) and his muse. Kadambari (originally named Matangini) was born in 1859. She was nine when she entered the Tagore household as Jyotirindranath’s bride-to-be. Rabindranath was seven at the time and admired her. Read more